Why we are here

Our mission is to train future entrepreneurs with skills they will need to start, grow and manage their business.

If you are planning on starting a business but are not quite sure how to, The European School of Entrepreneurship is for you!

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Our offer

We offer wannabe entrepreneurs a 9 month program including both in person and online training in subjects such as validating your market, finances, marketing, legal issues, and many more.

The program finalizes with a 3 week learning-oriented internship to get some useful practice.

The most advanced projects get the chance to travel to one of our partner cities and meet other businesses doing similar things.




The European School of Entrepreneurship is a project financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ framework.

According to the European Commission 2020 Action Plan, 40% of young Europeans say they are interested in being self-emlpoyed. Our mission is to give people the necessary skills to start their own business, skills we think are lacking from ordinary educational curriculums.

We do this by providing an annual 9 months training program that includes in-person classes and mentorship, online courses, a guide of best practices, and the opportunity to travel abroad and meet other entrepreneurs.

The team behind this is made up of 5 partners:



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